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Secondary Operations & Value Added Services

Turning, Milling, Drilling, Broaching, and More

Our Secondary Department consists of, but is not limited to: Turning, Milling, Drilling and Broaching. In our secondary department, we use our OmniTurn for turning, milling, and drilling. We have also designed and made our own broaching equipment, rotary tables for drilling, slotting, and closing right angle contacts along with other milling and drilling machines for customer specific jobs.

Secondary Options OmniTurn Machine
Secondary Options Secondaries Equipment
Secondary Options Caps with Springs

In-House Assembly Services

Some other examples of secondary operations that we can perform are:

Annealing – With our annealing machines, we can zone anneal small and large diameter parts to your specifications.

Assembly – With our in-house tool room and talented secondary personnel, we can make your parts and assemble them saving our customers time and money.

Plating – All of our platers are local and have state of the art equipment. Their quality and reliability are second to none.

Finishing – Our finishing suppliers are all local and experts in their field. Whether it is black oxide, anodizing or a complex application, our suppliers are the best at what they do.

Heat Treating – Our heat treating suppliers have a wide range of specialties. We have a quality heat treater ready for your work.

Qualifying Inspection – Whether you need special inspections for material, plating, heat treating or dimensional tolerances, we have in-house and out-sourced solutions to fit every need. We have even built our own custom optical inspection equipment for customer specific applications.

Value Added

Small Quantities / Quick Turnaround Program
The array of services we provide makes it possible for us to deliver smaller quantities without the long wait and the high cost per unit typically associated with short orders. While most companies source work (like broaching, plating, heat treating, thread patching and assembly) to distant places, ELECTRO-TECH invests in technology, people and local relationships to reduce time and costs associated in manufacturing your parts. 

Parts Inventory Management Program
Our long-standing customers benefit from our Parts Inventory Management Program, which is designed to work with our customers by determining periodic reorder quantities. Once we identify the need, ELECTRO-TECH will create, inventory and ship parts on an as needed basis. This program offers piece of mind while reducing the need for higher in-house inventory levels and management responsibilities.

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